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CCC Launches New Phase of Reinvention Initiative to Boost Student Success

College-based task forces will design detailed career pathways, semester-by-semester maps to help students move swiftly toward graduation. Read more here

More than two years after the launch of City Colleges’ Reinvention initiative—a comprehensive effort to improve all aspects of the seven-campus community college system—CCC Chancellor Cheryl Hyman today announced the next phase of the reform process: Reinvention7

Reinvention7 aims to accelerate the progress achieved through recommendations made by Reinvention task forces of faculty, staff and students beginning in January 2011. Since then CCC’s graduation rate has increased from 7% to 11%, and a greater proportion of adult education students are moving into college-credit courses. New Reinvention7 task forces based at the seven colleges will design the resources to ensure every student at City Colleges has a clear path through the institution and receives detailed guidance to complete their programs, maximizing their time and money.